Teeth Whitening

Because of the enamel and dentin structure, it is called Teeth Whitening – Bleaching for the treatment of dark colored teeth and the coloration caused by various reasons.

Since they are exposed to external factors for years, darkening of the colors of the teeth occurs. In order to achieve this, a satisfactory whitening can be achieved in the colors of the teeth by the procedures to be performed at home or at the dentist’s office.

Bleaching can be achieved in a harmless manner by means of tooth whitening process up to 9de10 tons (3m scale). The materials used during the teeth whitening are for professional use and must be done with specially prepared medicines after the examination of the dentist. The agents sold in cosmetics that are not under the control of a dentist are very ineffective and can damage the tooth structures.

The food residues accumulated on the teeth, tea – coffee – stains due to smoking and brushing habits are cleaned with the denture and plaque cleaning to be performed in the practice and after polishing. After these procedures, the teeth are ready for tooth whitening.

Due to the structure of the tooth due to drugs, the coloration of the teeth can not be removed with this cleaning process. Bleaching will ensure successful results.

Bleaching can be performed in 2 ways.

Tooth Cleaning

Home Bleaching

Home Bleaching: With your dentist’s instructions and instructions, this is the method that you will apply at home. A personalized whitening plate is prepared by the measurement taken from the patient’s mouth. When lying at night, a white-based whitening medication is placed in the plaque. This process is applied according to the whitening amount of the teeth and reaching the desired result for 7 – 10 days.

Tooth Cleaning

Office Bleaching

Office Bleaching: Whitening is applied by the dentist in situations where whitening is required to be fast. The gums are isolated and the medication is applied to the teeth and the blue light used in the light fillings is applied to increase the effectiveness of the drug. When the desired whiteness is achieved after repeated sessions, the procedure is ended. Recent research, however, recommends that after dental office whitening, home-based teeth whitening is supported as a support.

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