Children's Dentistry

Pedodontics; is a branch of dentistry which is responsible for the protection, diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental health of babies, children, adolescents and disabled patients and is called as Child Dentistry. The pedodontist takes care of all dental problems from the birth of the child to adolescence.

After five years of dentistry training, the pedodontist was trained in the department of pedodontics for three more years. The pedodontist teaches parents brush teeth training at the 6th month of the child’s teeth and follows the dental development of the child every 6 months.

In this context, both the milk and permanent teeth, topical fluoride application and fissure coverers to protect against caries, treatment of the bruises, finger sucking, lip sucking, the diagnosis and treatment of bad habits such as swallowing takes place.

The first task of the milk teeth is to ensure the proper feeding of the child. In addition, the proper development of speech depends on the presence of milk teeth. The milk teeth protect the area they occupy for the permanent tooth that will replace them and they guide him / herself in the permanent teeth.

It is an important period in which children do not forget the experience of the first dentist for a lifetime, and perhaps their opinions and thoughts about dentists. In this important period, getting help from experienced people who have been trained in communication, diagnosis and treatment with children will help your child develop positive attitudes and thoughts about dentistry procedures.

What is important for a pedodontist is to perform a successful treatment in an environment where the child feels safe and happy.

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