Aesthetic Dentistry

What is the purpose of aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry; After dental treatment, the teeth of the teeth, adjacent teeth, the teeth in the opposite jaws, the position of the lips, including gingival shapes, provide a symmetrical stance with each other. Providing all these parameters in a harmonious way requires a rigorous and planned study. 

The concept of aesthetics is to exhibit what is artificial in the most natural view possible. Exaggerated, non-natural color and shape, asymmetric shape with the surrounding tissues teeth are evaluated by everyone as artificial and far from being aesthetic.

What are the treatment methods used in aesthetic dentistry?

• Gingival aesthetics:

Exaggerated and asymmetrical gingiva contours will cause an asymmetrical appearance regardless of the shape and color of the tooth. The gingiva plasty method is used to form the contours of the gums with laser and the parts of the teeth that appear in the mouth are symmetrical.

• Whitening:

Bleaching systems made using laser or led lights can make the teeth more white.

• Orthodontic Treatment:

Teeth that are asymmetrical with adjacent teeth can be arranged in a very short time with simple orthodontic treatment.

• Composite Porcelain Lamina:

Fractured or highly discolored teeth can be treated by non-invasive methods with composite or porcelain lamina methods.

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