Should we treat our child's milk teeth? Will the milk teeth ever change?

Milk teeth are as important as permanent teeth because they guide the permanent teeth and jaw development underneath them. They cause orthodontic irregularities and loss of function.

How safe are dental x-rays?

Thanks to the digital imaging methods currently used, a much lower dose of radiation is applied and also minimizes the active dose in protective clothing such as a lead apron.

When should we start brushing our child's teeth?

Oral care in children begins with the maintenance of the teeth and should be carried out actively with their parents until the age of 7 years.

Are dental implants used allergic?

The materials used in implant applications are manufactured from non-allergic, sterile, highly titanium-containing alloys that we call biocompatible.

What can be done to defeat the fear of the dentist?

Usually patients feel fear because of the bad memories we have experienced in the past. Today, all kinds of procedures are performed painlessly under local anesthesia. Pre-anesthesia with spray and gels without any pain more than 1 mm thinner cannulation process is made with more thin cannulas. You can defeat your fear by thinking that you will be relieved of your pain and dental problems by trusting your physician.

When is the canal treatment decided?

In the absence of timely treatment of dental caries, the pulps which reach the pulp tissue cause irreversible infections and abscesses in the pulp. In this case, we can continue to use our teeth by channel treatment.

How should we be fed for oral and dental health, what should we pay attention to?

First of all, we should avoid as much as possible of sugary, acidic and sticky foods. We must always brush our teeth twice a day. Do not forget to visit your physician regularly every 6 months.

How should healthy gums be?

First of all, healthy gingival bleeding is light pink in color and has a tight consistency and orange peel

When should the 20s' teeth be pulled?

The jaw is not buried, buried, buried in half, buried teeth, which leads to chronic infection, 20s’ teeth, the dentist is removed from the mouth.

What can we do to prevent bad breath?

A detailed physician examination shows the presence of gingivitis, bruises, unhygienic prostheses, poor oral hygiene and bad habits. With the help of tongue brush, dental floss and mouthwash, better oral hygiene is tried to be provided.