About us

Welcome to our Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic.

The first thing you should pay attention to about our applications is the comfortable, low stress, hygienic environment that we promote.

Appropriate dental care at all ages is important. Good dental health is to look at your teeth on a daily basis and to have a regular dental examination.

Our mission

Oral and dental health sector; respecting the individual and the society, depending on the law, economic and moral values, attaching importance to health, safety and environmental sensitivity; Being a leading “Mouth and Dental Health Center” in the region and around the world.

Our vision

By providing quality dental services in a professional and attentive environment, we provide continuity as the first choice of our patients with our quality; also to contribute to the formation of a more conscious and healthy society by protecting our education, health, environment and historical values in our country.

Our core values

To pay attention to you and your smile;


Continuously maintains the highest level of performance. This requires a focus on hard work and quality.

Service Leadership

Leaders build trust relationships, become a source of assistance and coaching, and manage team members as best as possible.

Patient Centered Care

Our work focuses on providing excellent patient service in a warm and welcoming environment.


We will always support people to do the right thing, and if we see or hear something that is not right, we will show the truth.


For each of our studies, we commit to accountability and every day, to strive for the best.

Team Work

We can do more together than individuals. Success requires us to work together and treat each other with respect.

Our Experts

Dt. Mehmet ŞAHİN


Dt. Mustafa ŞAHİN


Dt. Emine Şule HATİPOĞLU


Why are we?

What separates us from other dental clinics?

Our clinic is unique and different because we combine talent, experience and technology under one roof.

When combined with the use of the latest equipment and technologies, the work of our highly qualified physicians from different disciplines related to dentistry is treated as copyright for each patient.

Our goal is to ensure that they leave for life-long exceptional dental health and oral health.